Three Guidelines to Creating Meaningful Content

In today’s fast-paced, message-filled world, everyone is in pursuit of valuable content. Individuals and businesses alike are constantly seeking to create the next “viral” form of content. Everyone wants content that sticks with our audience, impacts them and is readily shared. But how do we get here? Here are three guidelines to creating meaningful content: 

Engage Your Audience

You could pump out content at a remarkable rate, but content that doesn’t connect with your audience is completely meaningless. So how do you find the most contextualized content for your audience? Ask them! Use surveys, scroll through comment sections, watch Twitter, host Q&A’s — talk with your audience as much as possible before beginning to develop a content plan. In order to engage with them well, develop a brand voice in your content and tailor your messages for specific audiences or people. 

Diversify & Refine Content

You and your audience are both probably tired of seeing the same types of content over and over. So diversify! The biggest form of content in the last year is video. Get a video production team together, use original images and develop infographics. Diversifying your types of content allows you to expand range of impact. A crucial factor in differentiating amazing content from good content is storytelling. Tell stories about inspirational people, the underdog or the problem you’re helping users solve. Create stories from experts and partner with others to develop your content. You don’t have to create it all alone!

Promote, Promote, Promote

It’s commonly noted that writing/developing content is only 20% of the job; the other 80% 

is promotion. Plenty of good content drowns in the constant sea of messages because it is not effectively or uniquely promoted. Partner with influencers to create and promote your content. Create a content schedule to promote your content across a wide array of platforms. Develop catchy headlines that promote themselves for your desired outcome. And most importantly, believe in your content as something worth reading and sharing!

Doing content creation well can be difficult, but we’re more than happy to help you. Let’s work!


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