Collaboration at HiFi

Collaboration is the bedrock of our approach. That being said, we’re not completely free-form in how we do it.

For us, it’s more beneficial to start with a fact-finding mission. First, we talk to the client and learn just as much as we can about their endeavor. During this process, we’re excavating to uncover hidden treasures, aspects, or assets that often go unnoticed by the client and those closest to the work.

Our outsider status gives us great vision, enabling us to see what others could easily miss or gloss over. After we’ve learned a great deal and gathered a few key perspectives, we meet up collectively and hone-in on the perceived challenges or complexities before us. We look at the market, the cultural landscape, and the competition, all the while knowing that innovation doesn’t come from doing what’s been done.

We then start asking questions in a number of ways, allowing us to define what we’re going after with precision. From there, we brainstorm, ideate, and work in multiple modalities to find the extraordinary.


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